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World War One Tours

World War One Tours

Magelan Corporation - Your incoming partner for Serbia and Balkan countries


Discover the Balkans through legacy and memories of the World War One


Magelan Travel invites you to discover how the First World War started!

Serbian solder in ww1

Travel agency Magelan marks the centenary of the "Great War" by taking you on a journey where you will encounter Balkans from another angle - through legacy of the World War One and 100th anniversary of the beginning of this historic conflict. Our tours are not only educational by default, but an opportunity to get acquainted with famous landmarks as well as main battlefields and the people who live on them nowadays:

- Sarajevo, the place where the first shot was fired on 28th of June 1914

- Serbia, a small country that lost over a million people and every second adult male at the time.

- Numerous cemeteries and memorials across Serbia, Greece and Macedonia, commemorating the fallen soldiers of Serbia, France and Great Britain.

- Belgrade, the city that reveals main landmarks of the time and well kept secrets of circumstances in a run-up to the Great War

- Visit to Mt.Cer and river Drina introducing us to the early battles and first victories of Serbian Army

- Learn about the unprecedented order of Serbian king and government to retreat together with the army over the Albanian mountains descending towards the Adriatic sea where Allied navy awaited. Explore the sites where the army regrouped and played the key role in penetrating adversary's front lines (Mt. Kaimakchalan of Macedonia, a.k.a. the "highest battlefield point" of WW1)

- Get to know about British women-volunteers who came to help Serbia, most celebrated one being Yorkshire-born Flora Sands who later joined Serbian army as a front-line officer.

Films about Serbia in WWI (with english subtitle)

Documentary film: Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms Documentary film: Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms (1:38:12)
Documentary film: Serbia in Great War Serbia in Great War (55:51)
Documentary film: Serbia in World War One Serbia in World War One (4:18)

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