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Guaranteed departures

Hikking tour in Vojvodina - "Following Suleiman the Magnificent trails" - 05.08-22.08.2015.

„Süleyman Kanuni, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire or Suleiman the Magnificent made the trip from Istanbul to Vienna for the first time in 1529, and then again in 1532. Both times he didn’t succeed in penetrating the city of Vienna. Contrary to its past the Sultans Trail nowadays forms a path of peace, a meeting place for people of all faiths and cultures“. In one part, this road passes through Serbia and promote natural and cultural beauties of Vojvodina, northern part of Serbia. Beside cultural importance that this road has, it is also a good example of healthy moving by walk and it could be selected as sustainable way of tourism. Join this tour in Serbia and meet with Sultain paths and culture that this road follows. On this road you will walk beside Danube River on its banks and through meadows. One part of your trip will be beside main roads, but that will not distrube your impression about this road. You will enjoy in nature of Special Protected Areas and National Park Fruska gora and in culture and tradition of people who live on this areas. Come and join us! ... [dalje]

"Heart full of beauty" - Combined trekking and bike tour on Old Mountain 5 days/4 nights

13.07-17.07.2015. Join our trekking tour and experience unexpected paths of Old Mountain! Enjoy in great nature and breathtaking view points. Welcome! Dates for 2016.: 11.07-15.07.2016.; Dates for 2017.: 10.07-14.07.2017. ... [dalje]

Wine roads of Vojvodina 02.05-09.05.2015.; 05.09-12.09.2015. from 703 eur

Join our guaranteed departure tour. Discover some of the most incredible wines, stroll through grape vineyards and feel the taste of sunny days in Vojvodina. This tour is best choice if hedonism is part of your life. Minimum for realization of this tour is 10 persons. ... [dalje]

Bicycle tour along the Danube in Serbia from 249 eur 8 days/7 nights

Departure every Friday from 1st of April till 31th of August! Program is suitable for individuals! We will provide maps, brochures and suggestion of places where you could eat and buy staff while you are in Serbia. Serbs enjoy life and they welcome tourists with unimaginable hospitality. In the rural north of the country you will certainly ride your bike with the friendly people while you passing along Danube shore in Serbia. With its way from west to the east it connects Western Europe with the rising countries of Southeast Europe. Danube was always the transport band for goods, culture and people. For visitors, the Danube-area offers a large amount of opportunities, to experience a extensive Nature and Culture closely. The origin of the first European cultures were here 9000 years ago and as it follows, many different nations left behind their witness and still offer a quick glance into the past. The nature along the Danube in Serbia changes from flat land, forests, fields to largest and most beautiful Gorge Iron Gate on its flow to Black Sea. Many of the pretty landscapes are verified as National parks and Nature reserves. ... [dalje]

Where Danube meets Balkan 8 days/7 nights from 437 eur

Unique possibility for discovering the undiscovered tracks of two most important cities in its surroundings! Relaxed tours through the capital, on the shores of Danube, eternal frontier between civilizations and over the „Serbian Athos“ to the streets of the „Serbian Athens“, presents a possibility for those who seeks for uniqueness, adventure... Through the optional tours, discover the guardians of tradition, roman paths or nature pearls, get familiar with gems of Vojvodina's plain, enjoy various specialties and quality wines along with the sounds of the Balkan music. ... [dalje]

Paths of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade

Return one century back, take an unusual tour through Paths of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. Visit the Museum of Nikola Tesla, 100 year old cabinets of Electrotechnic faculty and research Belgrade from Tesla's corner. It is well known that Serbia has Museum of Nikola Tesla, unique institution of science and culture, which preserve Tesla's heritage. The story of the great frendship between Nikola Tesla and Djordje Stanojevic is, however, not well known. Stanojević was a key scientist of the nineteenth century a physicist, astronomer, meteorologist, university professor, and rector at the University of Belgrade — born in the city of Negotin. It is thanks to Stanojević that Tesla visited Serbia for the first time in June, 1892, when he spent a day in Belgrade, but that day left a big mark in industrial development of Serbia. ... [dalje]

Salonika Frontline

Salonika Front-line was formed in 1915 following the Allied Powers' attempt to come to the aid of Serbia. This tour leads to Mt.Kajmakcalan in Greece and regional capital Thessaloniki, the city of Serbian "Iron Platoon" and the legendary war capital, before returning to Serbia via Macedonia. ... [dalje]

Beginning of the Great War Tour

Beginning of the Great War Tour is a story about Sarajevo and the official outbreak of war and includes a visit to Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric's Institute for a presentation about attempts at the revision of history. The tour also follows trails of epic Mt.Cer and river Drina battles, as well as a visit to a secret cave of King Alexander. ... [dalje]

The First Allied Victories Tour - Day- trip of to Mt. Cer and river Drina

The First Allied Victories Tour - Day-trip of to Mt. Cer and river Drina introduces us to the early battles and first victories of Serbian Army, while unveiling some lesser known parts of Serbia. Tekeriš – Gučevo – Mali Zvornik – Krupanj – Dobri Potok – Mačkov Kamen ... [dalje]

Grand Tour of the Balkans in the Great War - 100 years of begining of World War One - 14 days/13 nights

Bosnia-Serbia-Montenegro-Albania-Greece, 2014. - 14 days/13 nights - During this tour, you will experience and visit places that was main location for beginning of I World War. You will visit Bosnia and Serbia and try to return time and go back into past. You will walk on the routes from where great warriors start theirs battles. Beside this, you will meet and visit other main attraction in Serbia and Bosnia: middle age monasteries and churches, fortress, ethno villages, royal complex and also you will enjoy in great landscape and more delicious Serbian traditional specialties which Balkan is very well known! ... [dalje]

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