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Other active tours

Ecofriendly walking tour through Serbia 15 days/14 nights

This tour is for ones who want to experience something different. You will have opportunity to meet and visit cultural monuments and take a walk in great nature of Serbia. You will meet and walk on Roman roads and visit some of archeological and neolithic places that some of them are on UNESCO World List. During this visit you will meet Serbian history in Orthodox Monasteries from middle ages that are rich with wonderful frescoes. Also, you will have great and not so difficult walking tours through great nature of our National Parks and mountains from where you will have splendid view on Danube River. All this will be followed with delicious flavors of Serbian traditional specialties (cheese, cream cheese, ham, corn bread, chutney...). Welcome! ... [dalje]

Geo tour of Serbia

Explore different geological sites in Serbia and enjoy beautiful nature and diverse culture. Visit mines and drink coffee with miner, hike through the Natural Park Iron Gate and different special nature reserves in Eastern Serbia. Admire frescoes in our monasteries and finally taste delicious food and fine wines. Welcome! ... [dalje]

ukupno: 2 | prikazano: 1 - 2