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Serbia & Balkan Culture & History Tours

Discover the Balkans through legacy and memories of the World War One

Magelan Travel invites you to discover how the First World War has started! We take you on a journey where you will meet the Balkans from another angle, the legacy of the First World War, centennial anniversary of the start of this historic conflict. ... [dalje]

The wild beauty and the great heart of the Balkans

14 days/13 nights; Feel the uniqueness of the Balkans: Combination of breathtaking natural beauty with a historically significant and fascinating cultural heritage, reinforced by the people of the southern temperament. ... [dalje]

Round tour through Serbia and Montenegro

11 Days/ 10 nights; This cultural tour leads you on unforgettable trip through historical and cultural places of Serbia and Montenegro. Enjoy the story of Serbian and Montenegro history, enjoy the present, meet locals, feel the spirit of beautiful nature and landscapes. ... [dalje]

Historic trails across Serbia and Macedonia

9 days / 8 nigts; You are going to feel an unrepeatable uniqueness of the Balkans, sublimation of natural beauties and cultural values imbued with the temperament of the south. Mountain relief clarifies appearance of many canyons, gorges and caves, and the extra beauty provides a treasure of extremely preserved forests with lots of endemic species, richness of waters, streams, springs, pastures…in combination with rich history this makes a constitution of uniqueness and simplicity. ... [dalje]

Discover the Treasures of Serbia

8 days / 7 nigts; Unique possibility for discovering the undiscovered tracks of most important places of Serbia! Relaxed tours through the capital, on the shores of Danube, eternal frontier between civilisations, presents a possibility for those who seeks for uniqueness, adventure and new destination...Through the optional tours, discover the guardians of tradition, get familiar with gems of Vojvodina’s plain, Serbian’s mountains, meet local people, enjoy various specialties, rakija and quality vines along with the sounds of the Balkan music, meet our monasteries, culture, tradition... ... [dalje]

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