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Gastronomy Multicultural Tour

Gastronomy Multicultural Tour

12 days / 11 nights; We invite you to see Serbia through a culinary journey which will take you in the highlights of the country and explain the regional differences in the food in this fascinating country. We will open the door to the world that you will certainly want to keep in your memory and visit again...Discover the guardians of tradition, paths or nature pearls, get familiar with gems of Vojvodina’s plain, Serbian’s mountains, meet local people, see many different nations, enjoy various specialties, „rakija“ and quality vines along with the sounds of the Balkan music, meet our monasteries, culture, tradition... We are waiting for you!





Day 1. Belgrade (D) (approx. 20 km) 

Arrival at the Airport, meeting with local guide. Transfer to the hotel, check in and short break, free time. After short brake, follows sightseeing tour of Belgrade. On foot we will visit the biggest park in Belgrade - Kalemegdan park and the Kalemegdan fortress. Gorgeous view from the lookout at the confluence of the Sava and Danube and Novi Beograd is an excellent place for photographing. Next we will visit the Cathedral, Palace of Princess Ljubica, than we continue walking to the old city of Belgrade (pedestrian zone) and Knez Mihailova Street all the way to Republic square up next to the National Museum and Theatre. After that, we will continue the sightseeing with bus. We are proceeding in the direction of Terazije, Parliament, City Hall, Pioneer Park, towards Slavija Square. Then we will walk through the park of Karađorđe until the Temple of Saint Sava. There will be a break for a visit to the Temple of Saint Sava.Our gourmet tour starts in most beautiful, bohemian part of Belgarde, called Skadarlija. This part of town will take you back few hundred years in past. Fantastic food, best wines and tambourine music will fulfill your experience. Return to the hotel, overnight.

Day 2. Belgrade – Viminacium – Lepenski Vir – Donji Milanovac – Kladovo (BLD) (approx. 250 km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to most beautiful part of Serbia – Iron Gate. Stop on Viminacium which used to be such a radiant town. Monumental temples, wide streets, luxurious villas, extensive baths, an amphitheater…Follows trip to Lepenski Vir, an important archeological site with remains of a settlement from the Mesolithic era. In June 2011. there is opened a modernly equipped visitors centre Lepenski Vir. This archaeological site is now a real visitors centre according to the highest international standards. Continuing of the tour along the Danube toward Donji Milanovac and visiting „Open Air Gallery“ on Djerdap Lake. Lunch in a beautiful enviroment and gethering with the naive sculptor, the host. You will try specialties of Vlachs cuisine:  breaded nettle, Đerdap corn bread, goat cheese with dill, lamb and pork meat roasted on a stick...delicious. You will have a chance to prepare brandy(rakija) and enjoy in its flavor. Free time for leisure on this beautiful eko-ethno complex, with amazing view on our strongest river – Danube River. Departure to Kladovo, check in at the 4* hotel on the Danube shore, late dinner and overnight.

 Day 3. Kladovo – Aranđelovac (BLD)(approx. 290 km)

Breakfast at the hotel, way through mountains and wonderful nature. Arrival in Strmosten, at the restaurant near the waterfall Veliki Buk – very special.  Having the meal in the open air, near waterfall,  by the stream or even on the small wood bridge above the stream is great. Grilled fish is very good choice. Break in untouched nature, surrounded by meadows, pastures and rich woods. Departure to monastery Manasija, one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture and it belongs to the "morava School" The monastery is surrounded by massive walls and towers. Departure to 5* hotel in beautiful Bukovicka Spa, in the very heart of the city of Aranđelovac. The spa-town is famous for its healing mineral water, clay and good air. Dinner at restaurant with national delicacies. Free time for wellness and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4. Aranđelovac – Topola – Oplenac – Aranđelovac (BLD)(approx. 50 km)

Breakfats at the hotel. Sightseeing tour of Aranđelovac. You will find out why this city is called “heart in the heart of Serbia”.   Follow up way to Topola and Oplenac. This region is synonymous for good grapes and fine wine. According to historical data, the vineyards here produced such plentiful harvests during Prince Milos’ time that there was not enough space to store the grapes. Today, grape and wine are symbols of each village in this region. Topola was Serbia’s administrative and political center. Karadjordje Petrovic chose Topola as his base for freeing Serbia from the Ottomans in 1804. Sadly, the fortified city was destroyed in 1877 under the rule of the Obrenovic dynasty. Karadjordje’s residence was turned into museum, which displays his personal belongings and weapons from the period. We will visit Mausoleum of Royal Family and degustation of great wines. Departure to Orašac, best known as the starting point of the First Serbian Uprising on 1804 against Otomans. You will relax in silence and nature of an authentic village house, including delicious traditional Serbian specialties: pogacha, kaymak, white chees, lamb and pig from grill, potato and veal from sach. We will start with “slivovica”, brandy. After brake and free time for leisure, we will get back at the hotel, have free tome for relaxing in hotel’s spa amenities...ideal after such a day.  Dinner at the restaurant and overnight.

 Day 5. Aranđelovac – Golubinci – Krušedol  Monastery – Sremski Karlovci – Novi Sad (BLD)(approx. 200 km)

Breakfast at the hotel, departure to Golubinci. We will start this day in Srem, one of the provinces in Vojvodina. First stop we will make in Golubinci village. This village is populated with Serbian and Craotian nationalities. We will visit Schloss Castle from the 18th century, take a ride with carriages through the village and visit ethno house Nostalgia (specialties from exYugoslavia). For the tourists  real experience will be participating in a wedding where the intended role of tourists will be brides guests. Continue top northern part of Vojvodina. Short break will be in Monastery Krusedol. This monastery is over 500 years old and it had important role in Serbian history. Continue to Sremski Karlovci, small baroque town on Fruška Gora slopes.  Sremski Karlovci is most famous for its gorgeous vineyards and most quality wines. Here we will have wine degustation and snack in one traditional family wine cellar, where you will hear an interesting story about preparation of vine and honey. After city tour, we will continue toward Novi Sad. Stop on Chapel of Peace, where ih the 1699 had been signed a peace treaty between the Christian Alliance (Austria, Prussia and Venice) and Ottoman (Turks) and for the first time in world diplomacy, a round table was used for negotiations. We will continue to Petrovaradin Fortress, sightseeing of the fortress.  Sightseeing of the city most importants sites: Zmaj Jovina Street, Churche Mary’s Name, Partriarchy court, Ortdox church... Accommodation in hotel in city of Novi Sad. Vojvodina’s dinner with music in traditional restaurant in Novi Sad.  Enjoy the strong flavors of local cuisine. Return to the hotel, overnight. 

Day 6. Novi Sad – Begeč – Bački Petrovac  - Selenča – Sombor (BLD)(approx. 100 km)

Breakfast at the hotel, departure to Begeč, for visiting the farmhouse of Zvonka and Aleksandar Cvejić . In quiet ambient of Salas farm will enjoy lovers of nature and traditional food. The incredibly cute pair are actually brother and sister, and their Salas is one of the quaintest and friendliest we've ever had the pleasure of visiting. Here, in a yard of Salas farm there is a pillar from roman period and a giant oak more than 100 years old, you will have opportunity to prepare local meals: soup, goulash or anything other from Vojvodina’s cuisine.  Lunch and relaxing…it would be hard, but we have to continue, there is a lot of interesting places which are waiting for us: Bački Petrovac – Slovak cultural center. The hosts will meet us at the Museum of Slovaks and Slovakia Matica, and then take us in the Ethnic house Ahoj. The Ethno Centre "Ahoj" established "trade schools" where you can under the watchful eye of master try out the souvenirs you'll bring home.  Continue your tour to the Gallery of Urbanček painter, who returned after the completion of working life in America to create his artistic works in Petrovac. We will continue to Selenca. Slovak population settled in this village 250 years ago and now make majority here. Richly decorated costumes and lots ofskirts is something that makes it easy to recognize the Slovakians but only in Selenca is still preserved the tradition of wearing "part" - which is bride wears on her head before the wedding. As part of the program that you can enjoy the traditional "dress bride"! Today it is recognized by Selenča production of healthy organic food, and tourists to visit the facilities of "Slovan" where you can find modern facilities with cold storage facilities and a selection of fruit.  Here you will learn how to make products from hempand traditional broom. At ethno house we will have a presentation of ethnic and folk music from this village, and tasting different  wines and brandies. This day we will finish in Sombor with nice dinner on Carda on the Danube, where you wll taste best fish paprikas. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7. Sombor – Bački Monoštor – Donji Tavankut – Subotica (BL) (approx. 110 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will start sightseeing of Sombor, with it’s main sights: City Museum, City Hall, The Hole Trinity Squasre. Continuing to the village Bački Monoštor. Hosts (Šokci, who came from Dalmatia) will welcome us dressed in traditional costumes. Visiting the ethno house where the hosts present their music and folklore with a tasting of walnut liqueur and juices. We will walk through village and visit Catholic Church where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the divine voices of the local church choir. Follows  Donji Tavankut. In Tavankut major populations are Bunjevci. Besides the production of fruit crops and brand the village as straw or straw image of the unique technique who make women from this village. In Tavankut you can meet their specific speech, but also the richness of Bunjevac folk art - costumes, songs, story telling, games, knitting straw, folk customs. The school in this village organizing the presentation of customs and traditions, but also offer entertainment for children. Departure to Subotica and Palic.  Late lunch will be served in one of the neighboring farms that remain authentic, with most delisious local food from this part of Serbia. Way to Subotica.  Overnight stay.

Day 8. Subotica – Turija (BD)(approx. 85 km)

After breakfast, we will visit Subotica. This city in the very north of Vojvodina was settled by Hungarian feudal lords who fled to these parts before the encroaching Turkish armies. This area was settled by Bunjevci and Serbs, and afterwards Hungarians. A walk through the city centre:  the City Hall, Synagogue... We continue to Lake Palić, a renowned holiday resort and picnic area. Departure and stop for coffee and snack in pleasant surroundings of Salaš Capriolo. Follows the way to Turija. Turija is well known for its sausages - Sausage day is one of the biggest events in Serbia. This story will make any gourmet curious! Every year the butchers join forces to try to bring down a world record in making the longest sausage in the world. Acoommodation in Hounting Lodge, newly built hotel in this village. Carriages will wait for us outside the hotel and take to the traditional home where we will enjoy a folklore program and learning Serbian dance. During the program we will have a tasting of the famous sausages. Following a tour of the households in the village with modern agricultural machinery for field work. Dinner at the hotel. With good food and drinks comes good music: you'll hear tambourines, and enjoy in a good party. Overnight.  

Day 9. Turija – Belo Blato – Kovačica (BLD)

After breakfast, we will stroll down in the Banat. We continue to Belo Blato. Belo Blato have the most different nationalities in Vojvodina. In this village lives more than twenty nationalities, and the most numerous are the Slovaks, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Serbs ... With a lively and varied tastes of slovak, hungarian and bulgarian cuisine you'll enjoy the charms of the village. In Trskara that we will visit you will get familiar with the production of sugar cane, in whose yard is a mill and a windmill in the nineteenth century. Tasting local foods and wines and spirits. We continue to Kovačica.On the way to Kovacica achieves a museum village Idvor Mihajlo Pupin, a famous scientist. Continue to Kovačica, a village known for its naive painters. Their motives can be seen on UNICEF greeting cards. Visit our gallery and one of the painting studios. Late lunch in the village restaurant. Here you will try new taste of this part of Vojvodina...one more flavor  for you! After lunch, you will be accommodated in hotel Relax in Kovacica, where you'll be able to rest and relax in their spa and wellness center. Overnight. 

Day 10. Kovačica – Gudurica – Vršac (BD) (approx. 115 km)

After breakfast, we will go to Vrsac. Visiting of this beautiful town at the border with Romania. Visiting the Catholic and Orthodox churches and then the Patriarch's Palace. Walk through the beautiful baroque town and then visit the pharmacy on the stairs where is an old drug store and gallery of Paja Jovanovic, one of the most famous Serbian painters. In the afternoon going through the Gudurica, the village where Serbs live together, many Slovenes, Macedonians, Roma, Romanians and one Turk (old confectioner) and one French woman who moved here because she could not resist this region.  Visiting a wine cellar with wine tasting and dinner in great, authentic restaurants on the top of Mountains. Great food – hunter’s stew (goulash), Macedonian pie, special receipt for beans…you can try it only here!  Tambourine music will make great atmosphere, and we are sure that we will have late check in!

Day 11. Vršac – Češko Selo – Skorenovac – Belgrade (BL) (approx. 120 km)

After breakfast, continue to Česko selo. In this village live 36 people, the Czechs, who have settled in this area to guard the border with Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empire. Small museum preserves the memory of the history of these people who now live in Serbia 1100th over all Visiting this little village and visit the Catholic church. We continue to Skorenovac. Arrival at the Erne household who has a restaurant with a beautiful landscaped courtyard and a souvenir shop where you can buy a host of valuable products and artisans from the village. Lunch in a pleasant atmosphere of the household. Specialty of the house is very tasty „Kurtes cake“. For tourists, people from village are richly furnished ethno house with artifacts from their past and a courtyard with a fire-fighting vehicles from 1891. You will meet with Serbian army colonel who was the famous invisible stealth shot down during bombing in 1999. You can stop the hot bread in his bakery, for some worm bread. In the afternoon we recommend driving or going to the Danube Deliblato sand and walk through the last sandy terrain in Europe. In the evening, departure for Belgrade. Hotel accommodation. Overnight stay.

Day 12. Belgrade Airport (B)

Breakfast at the hotel. Free time till transfer to the Airport.



Price includes:

- Transfers by high quality bus according to the program

- Licensed speaking guide according to the program.

- 2 BB in 3* hotel in Belgrade, 1 HB in 4* hotel Kladovo, 2 HB in 5* Hotel in Aranđelovac, 1 BB in 3* hotel in Novi Sad, 1 BB in 4* hotel in Sombor, 1 BB in 4*hotel in Subotica, 1 BB in 3* hotel in Turija, 1 BB in 4* hotel in Kovačica, 1 BB in 3* hotel in Vršac.

- Lunches on days: 2,3,4,5,6,7, 9,11.

- Dinners on days: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10.

- Wine tasting according to the program.

- Entrance fees acording to the program.


 Price does not includes:

-  Flights to / from Belgrade

-  Other costs not incuded in the program

-  Drinks during meals


 CONTACT US ON +38121/420- 680 OR SEND US REQUEST ON E-MAIL: incoming@magelan.rs






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