Novi Sad – European Capital Of Culture 2021

Novi Sad has proclaimed in Brussels the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021! After the final presentation of the “Novi Sad 2021” project held in Brussels by the Novi sad delegation, the panel of independent experts made a historical decision that Novi Sad was going to be the first city outside the EU to be awarded that title.

The decision was made after the visit of the panel of experts to Novi Sad and detailed analysis of the final applications written on 112 pages. The delegation that represented culture comprised of the Novi Sad artists, professors, town planners and museum custodians and it was lead by Miloš Vučević, the Mayor of Novi Sad, and President of the Organising Committee for the candidacy of Novi Sad for the ECC 2021, and Nemanja Milenković, President of the Managing Board of EXIT Foundation.

Awarding of the title of the European Capital of Culture opens a new big door for further development of Novi Sad and the entire country not only in the field of culture. This prestigious title has a huge significance for promotion and branding of our city, it is significant for the development of both cultural tourism and development of other forms of tourism so that in the future period we expect further increase in a number of domestic and foreign tourists from the region and the world and this is another positive image of Novi Sad in a line that we send to the world.

All these years, the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad has worked on the promotion of institutions of culture presenting them at fairs, via the web site, social networks, publications and other forms of promotion…

This title bears great responsibility but it is also a great stimulus confirming that we are on the right path and motivating us to be even better.