Events in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the host city of numerous and diverse cultural, economic, sports, ethnographic, tourist and entertainment events. These events have been attracting a large number of tourists for years.

Novi Sad has proclaimed in Brussels the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021! After the final presentation of the “Novi Sad 2021” project held in Brussels by the Novi sad delegation, the panel of independent experts made a historical decision that Novi Sad was going to be the first city outside the EU to be awarded that title. More about this topic you can find it on this page.

Cultural Events

The most important is Sterijino pozorje, festival and competition of classic plays and contemporary texts of local songwriters.

Zmajeve decje igre – children’s games are events dedicated to the poetic and literary works for children and memorial is dedicated to the famous writer for children – Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj. Since June 1958, each year in Sremska Kamenica and Novi Sad there is a rich program designed for children.

Brankovo kolo is literature and cultural and entertainment event dedicated to the poet Branko Radičevića. It is held every September in Sremski Karlovci at Strazilovo.

At the Petrovaradin fortress numerous events are being held and most visited of all is EXIT, the biggest music festival in southeast Europe. During several days of the festival several hundreds of thousands of people visit the fortress.

Industry Events

The largest and best-known promoter of economic events in Novi Sad is Novi Sad Fair. From the dozens of fairs, exhibitions and events, the International Agricultural Fair stands out, and it is held over 70 years in the second half of May with about 2000 exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors from home and abroad. Are important international fairs, “Nature and Man,” with several events in October, the best known is the Fair of Hunting, Fishing, Sport and Tourism – LORIST.

Sport Events

Novi Sad has always been a good host and exemplary promoter of sports competitions and events. In Novi Sad, among others events, was held the World Cup table tennis, chess Olympics and 2005 European Championship.

Novi Sad is the host city car and motorcycle racing, marathon athlete, bicycle races and other competitions where the participants from home and abroad. Most massive sports and recreational events Fruškogorski marathon was attended by around 10 thousand mountain recreation. Marathon is held in early May and walking (hiking) is on the route of their choice of participants from ten to over 100 kilometers.

Ethnographic events

In Novi Sad, in the early summer, festival of Ethno Food and Music of Vojvodina is held, where the creativity of the original peoples and ethnic groups living in Vojvodina is being displayed.

In the vicinity are a number of similar events on the occasion of certain holidays or customs like Spring on Cenej farms, Days of wine in Sremski Karlovci, Kupusijada in Futog, Bostanijada in Rivica, Patlidžanijada in Neradin, Days of plum in Vrdnik and others.

Tourist – entertainment events

The most famous tourist-fun event is Sremski Karlovci vintage which be held in early October and is celebrating the completion of the grape harvest. This event lasts for several days during which people from Sremski Karlovci prepared for their guests a rich cultural and artistic program. There are number of the events in and around the city including a competition in preparation of fish soup and fish stew.

In the table there are the most popular upcoming events in Novi Sad in 2020.

Interfest9th-11th July
Exit Festival13th-16th Aug
Tamburica fest21st-23rd Aug
Sterija’s theatre festival26th Aug-3rd Sept
Festival of Street Musicians “Gradic fest”28th- 29th Aug
Festival “Taste of Vojvodina”12th-13th Sept
International agricultural fair19th-25th Sept
Film festival “Seize this day with me”21st-27th Sept
International “Lorist” fair7th-11th Oct
Serbian U17 & Youth International Novi Sad19th-22nd Nov
Novi Sad Winter fest23rd Nov- 23rd Dec