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Cruise ship excursions from Novi Sad

Cruise ship excursions from Novi Sad

We have prepared five different programs for your clients, providing you with fantastic opportunity to enjoy compact yet effective programmes that range from few hours to whole day. Our aim was to present unique programmes offering varied themes, be it visiting picturesque Novi Sad and medieval Petrovaradin Fortress, or simply meeting local people in surrounding villages and experiencing their traditions and customs and even sampling their traditional food and music. For true nature lovers, we organise trips to nearby Fruska Gora National Park and visits to some of the most significant Christian Orthodox monasteries where authentic hospitality awaits...





Vojvodina lunch with folklore program - 2 hours

Sightseeing of Novi Sad and the Petrovaradin fortress - 3.5 hours 

Novi Sad and Krusedol  Monastery - 4 hours

Novi Sad-Sremski Karlovci- Krusedol  Monastery-Irig - 5.5 hours


Vojvodina lunch with folklore program, 2 hours

Familiarize yourself with rich cultural diversity of Vojvodina province through music, food, customs and traditions of various ethnic groups living in these areas. Taste mouth-watering dishes of Slovaks, Ukrainians and Hungarians. Enjoy a folk-dancing programme lasting approx. 45 minutes and involving at least 4 costume changes during an exilerating performance that successfully portrays vivid colours and musical heritage of the Vojvodina province.


Price on request


Sightseeing of Novi Sad and the Petrovaradin fortress 3.5 hours 

This is a brilliant way to explore Novi Sad & Petrovaradin fortress 'in a nutshell' tour by bus and on foot. The tour takes us past Name of Mary Church, Zmaj Jovina Street, Novi Sad's chique pedastrian areas, Patriarch's Palace, the Cathedral, famous Dunavska Street and Danube Lido Park... We cross one of the bridges by bus and visit Petrovaradin fortress, also known as the "Gibraltar of Danube". This is one of the most significant fortresses on the Danube, not only as the last defence point of Christianity before the Otomans, but also where numerous galleries and artists’ studios can be found.

After the tour, during the free time, you will be able to visit some of the museums of the city. Novi Sad City Museum, Museum of Vojvodina, some of the galleries (Paul Beljanski Memorial Collection, Gallery of Matica Serbian ...)


Price on request


Option I: Add optional lunch on Petrovaradin Fortress with beautiful view on Danube River and try Vojvodina’s traditional specialties.

Option II: Add optional lunch with folk-dancing on Petrovaradin Fortress with beautiful views of river Danube. During lunch you can sample Vojvodina’s varied specialties and enjoy beautiful sounds and skilled dances by Vojvodina’s famous folk-dancing ensemble.


Option III: Visit one of the most picturesque places during evening hours in Novi Sad and take a refreshment. Take in pleasant atmosphere of roof-top restaurant Giardino, and make this evening experince trully unforgettable. Enjoy vivid coulours of neighbouring roof tops and experience Vojvodina's capital from birdseye perspective.


Option IV: Visit Musem of city of Novi Sad at Petrovaradin Fortress where you can have the opportunity to experience two unique sites - an archeological dug-out  and a colonial furniture display from XVIII and XIX century.


Option V: Visit Museum of Vojvodina in the center of Novi Sad


Option VI: City museum of Novi Sad. This museum will provide an opportunity to see original artwork of several world's famous artist

Option VII: Visit the "Gallery Square" where you will find three major galleries of Novi Sad - there is Paul Beljanski Memorial Collection, Gallery of Matica Srpska and Gallery of fine arte (Rajko Mamuzic's private collection donation).

Prices on request


Novi Sad and Monastery Krusedol, 4 hours

This is Novi Sad sightseeing by bus as well as leisurely stroll on the tour where we pass by Name of Mary Church, Zmaj Jovina street, stylish pedestrian area of Novi Sad, Patriarch's Palace, the Cathedral, famous Dunavska Street and the Danube Lido Park. Many of the Serbian artists lived and created in this city on Danube shores. Tour continues to Krusedol Monastery, yet another symbol of culture and tradition of the Serbian people, located on Mount Fruska Gora (a.k.a. "Serbian Athos"). The monastery was founded by Brankovic family and has been operational for more than 500 years! Upon monastery visit we return to the place of departure.


Price on request


Novi Sad - Sremski Karlovci - Monastery Krusedol - Irig, 5.5 hours

This tour combines ride on comfortable bus and walking on foot, with a chance to enjoy hospitalityu of small baroque town Sremski Karlovci, that retained the tradition of making and tasting wine. There are some significant sites worth visiting here, including  Bishop of Srem residence, the oldest high school of the area, "Four Lions" Fountain, the Cathedral, the Seminary... you will also visit one of the most important Serbian monastery on Mountain Fruska Gora which is also called "Serbian Athos." The monastery started operating more than 500 years ago, when it was founded by the Brankovic family. It was one of the most important sites of Serbian  history. Local village on the slopes of Fruska Gora will present an opportunity to sample traditional Vojvodina specialties.


Price on request


Novi Sad-Čelarevo-Bački Petrovac-Kulpin-Novi Sad 7 hours

Learn about traditions of ethnic Slovaks that have preserved their culture in the area of Backi Petrovac. We depart from Novi Sad by bus and visit beer museum in Celarevo and Agricultural Museum. Kulpin village is known for mediaval castle that was built by Dunđerski family. This tour will end with sampling Slovak's delicious food in a traditional house in Backi Petrovac. On return to Novi Sad there is brief sightseeing of the city and 30 minutes time at leisure or shopping.


 Price on request




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